Welcome to the official website of electronics implementator “Solo LTD company”!

Custom-built development of electronics

Our company’s mainstream is: development of electronic devices on a turnkey basis, electronic circuits designing, PCB tracing, software development, remote monitoring systems development (GSM, WI-FI, Ethernet).

Does the complexity of development signify?

We perform electronic device implementation of any complexity level and are ready to develop both unit exemplars and devices for mass production.
Learn more about the principles we apply in electronic development by visiting the section Development of electronic devices.

Furthermore, we can fulfill any phase of electronic device development – electronic circuit design, PCB tracing.

Is the technical task composition mandatory?

We let the Client choose – rather to apply with a finalized technical task or with a general concept relative to the device or plate. In any case, we’ll provide consultations on the necessary issues and will come to the joint vision of the problem in shortest terms.

What are the terms of works execution?

Due to 20 years experience in the sphere of electronic device implementation, we have an opportunity to create new electronic devices and software based products in shortest terms.
The time of manufacturing of printed-circuit boards designed by us takes 3 days.

Is it possible to control the process of development?

Yes. Our office is always opened for the Client, we cooperate and take into account all the Client’s wishes which may occur during the order execution process.

Is the warranty service provided?

We give a lifetime warranty on simple own-designed products. The other products’ warranty period is one year from the date of commissioning. You are free to contact us anytime and on any issue concerning the operation of our devices.

We provide all the necessary exploitation documents for the user. Our developers conduct Client’s staff trainings which involve exploitation regulations of electronic units of our production.