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Solo LTD company is engaged in development and manufacturing of systems and control units for industrial and commercial equipment since 1994.

How we work:

  • You apply a suggestion of needed electronic device or plate working-out to be performed.
  • After the request analysis we inform you about the terms and cost of order implementation.
  • If you confirm the price and the terms as satisfactory, we sign a contract and begin to work on the order.
  • After the sample manufacturing we execute testing of the ordered product in terms of accordance to your requirements.
  • Once the service is completed, the product is transferred to your use.
  • Constructed and designed device is provided with all the necessary user manuals. Our employees conduct staff trainings for the Client which involve device exploitation regulations.
  • We provide warranty and post-warranty services of our production.

Our expertise:

We possess electronic device development experience in the following scopes:
  • Electronic beam melting
  • Equipment control and inspection of the vending machines and moneychangers
  • Creation of the tower chiming clock controllers
  • Managing the system of outdoor city lighting by the wireless channel
  • Managing rail welding machine
  • Managing technological equipment for the confectionery industry

We accomplished the orders of:

  • Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
  • Kyiv State Administration
  • Kyiv Metro
  • Kyiv City Council
  • Paton Institute of Electric Welding
  • Industrial enterprises and companies of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Canada.