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Development of imbedded software for microcontrollers

We possess experience in software development for the following hardware platforms:
  • AVR microcontrollers of the company Atmel Corporation
  • PIC controllers of the company Microchip Technology Inc
  • Microcontrollers of the company Texas Instruments Inc
  • Analog Devices microcontrollers

In order to solve each specific task we choose a microcontroller having on board the necessary satellite modules, communication channels, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, as well as a processor of 8-, 16- or 32- bit architecture, which provides the necessary efficiency.

The other elements of electronic circuits of our design are the components of galvanic isolation, actuator conjugacies, elements of indication and dialogue with an operator, and also electrical circuit batteries.

Minimization of electronic module hardware is compensated by the imbedded software.

Programming for microcontrollers is done using high-level languages: C, C#. Programs of operating the designed device are recorded in microcontroller’s volatile memory. Memory in which the program is recorded is securely protected from unauthorized copying and saves it for no less than ten years.

Basic measuring, control, regulating functions of the designed device are implemented as a program. Mathematical methods are widely used during software development process (including numerical mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, automatic control).

All the devices designed by us have imbedded software for self-control and possible hardware malfunction diagnostics.

During software development high attention is paid to the matters of convenient user interface

We use both simple alphanumeric indicators and color graphics.

The picture below shows an example of color graphic indicator, which is used in the control system of electronic-beam gun .

Information which characterizes object state is displayed on the screen of inbuilt indicator. The user is able to set and change control system modes manually by indicator with the help of Touchpad technology. Moreover, all technological information about the control object is being saved in external volatile Flash-memory connected to USB by simple clicking on the screen area with a Flash-memory picture.

During designing of electronic control systems for vending equipment we use devices for receiving cash and giving out change, such as: note-receiving and coin-receiving mechanisms, coin-changing mechanisms. The software provides reliable device operating and all the fiscal functions necessary for the user.

Software and hardware of electronic units designed by us ensure reliable operation of wire serial data-transmitting channels such as RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, USB, Ethernet and other, in the conditions of high industrial interference.

For the remote control and monitoring systems we use wireless Wi-Fi and GSM technologies.