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Custom-built development and production of electronic devices

We develop and manufacture electronic devices and instruments of any complexity level and in wide application range.

The following website introduces information about some of our projects as an example for the Client, who has an opportunity to estimate the level of competence of our company. But we are not limited by the introduced activity spectrum and are ready to handle any new projects.

We develop:

  • Systems using heavy-duty personal computers in industrial performance (these systems are adapted for complex technological processes control);
  • Industrial controllers for technological machines and installations control on the basis of single-chip microcontrollers (micro ECM);
  • Controllers for solving local tasks , such as various meters of technological processes parameters (temperature, pressure, flow of liquids and gases, current values (in the range of milliamps to tens of kA)and voltage (in millivolts to the range of kilovolts), frequency, levels, rate of acceleration, the inclination of the platform and so on);
  • Controllers for local regulations of one or more parameters.

We use the following principles in the process of electronic device designing:

  • During electric basic circuit development the minimal necessary set of advanced electronic components in planar version of world electronic brands is used. Basic measuring, control, regulating functions of designed device are implemented as software.
  • Electronic devices of our design are usually oriented on industrial application that is why they are able to work on the conditions of high industrial interference and in wide temperature ranges.
  • Due to the transfer of many electronic devices functions that are traditionally performed on hardware to the program level, we significantly reduce the usage of electronic components, increase the reliability of our devices and reduce production costs. This technology is particularly effective in electronic devices designing if the subsequent orientation is mass production.
  • All devices designed by us have imbedded software for self-control & self-diagnosis of possible hardware malfunctions.
  • If necessary, we design devices which have special inbuilt testing software to allow check, inspection and technological equipment adjusting automation. Moreover, these tests may be performed both at the equipment factory and at the part of the end user, without any additional measuring or adjusting equipment.